Health Jan 13,2024

Top 7 Best Quality Saffron Brands in USA

"Saffron" worlds the most expensive spice. Saffron is derived from the stigmas of the autumn flowers "crocus sativus linnaeus" which are dried. The stigmas of each plant are carefully picked and go through an intensive drying process. Saffron has been used as a spice and coloring agent for centuries and it is very famous for its medicinal properties. Pure saffron strands contain red and yellow portions of the stigma. The quality of saffron is measured by its color. Darker the red and purer the saffron to be.

There are a lot of companies selling saffron in US. Saffron can be bought online but the most important rule in buying saffron is to find a trusted source. Listed here are a few saffron brands in USA, which are known for their quality for many decades.

1. Kiva Health Food La Mancha Spanish - Saffron

It is the Premium Spanish Saffron from La Mancha Region, This is the special category imported from Spain. It has the highest rated full stemmed saffron thread. It is covered by a "Resealable Glass Jar" which always protects its flavor. They can be used as medicines as well as the tastemaker in certain food items.

2. Mehr Saffron - Premium All Red Saffron

It is 100% Pure Premium All-Red Saffron, It has won the "Superior Taste Award" by International Taste & Quality Institute. It is also certified for the best "Taste", "Aroma" and "COLOR" by an exceptional jury of 120 Chefs and Sommeliers. It is covered by "Corked Glass Jar", this helps saffron stay fresh always. Fresh aroma of this saffron is very famous and pure.

3. McCormick Gourmet - Spanish Saffron

It is the one famous brand for its natural fragrance and quality, It is sourced for its superior quality and freshness, with this it is always easy to add the right touch of rich color, taste, and aroma. This saffron makes the food tastier and healthier.

4. Redsaff Afghan Saffron Threads

Redsaff Afghan Saffron is more potent with average colors, It is the Winner of 3 Golden Star continuously by International Taste & Quality Institute for its superior aroma, taste, and color. Northwest of Afghanistan has an ideal climate and soil for growing Saffron, It is grown in an organic way to get the highest quality saffron.

5. Kiva Gourmet Spanish Saffron

It is imported from Spain with Highest Rated Full Stemmed Saffron threads; it is packed in a Resealable Jar and pouch to protect its flavor. This is famous for its color and quality.

6. Zaran Saffron

It is 100% Pure Persian Saffron with Highest quality "Super Negin" threads, It is All-Red Saffron | Lab Tested with Grade A+, ISO 3632 & Color Reading 259+. It is packed with luxury glass jar. It is great for gifts. Many great occasions can be greeted using this purist saffron.

7. Golden Saffron, Finest Premium Persian All Red Saffron

It is Premium Persian Saffron Threads; It is Grade "A" Saffron, with vivid red stigmas and natural aroma. It is 100% Organic, Pure, and Fresh without any additive or preservative. It is the Best Quality Saffron Compared to Spanish, Afghan, and all Other Types of Saffron. The more you use it and more you feel the power of it.