Health Jan 13,2024

Price of saffron in India: How Much Organic Pure Saffron Cost?

Saffron is a very precious spice obtained from the stigma from the flower Crocus Sativus Linnaeus. Saffron filaments are actually dried stigmas of saffron flower and it requires nearly 75,000 flowers to get one pound of saffron. Saffron has many medicinal properties and it can be used to treat depression, asthma, painful menstrual periods and more. Researchers also prove that saffron contains anti-cancer effects and may help to reduce cholesterol.

In India, it is cultivated mostly in Jammu and Kashmir. The manual extraction of a large number of flowers and the intensive drying process are the reasons behind the high saffron price in India.

Here is a list of some of the best saffron brands in India along with its prices:

Baby Brand Saffron

Baby brand saffron has been the largest selling brand since 1840. This brand saffron is of high quality and comes in tamper pack. This packaging ensures that the brand cannot be duplicated so that you can receive 100% original saffron. Baby brand saffron comes in various size packages ranging from 0.50 mg to 50 gram pack. The other sizes include 50mg, 0.25g, 0.5g, 1g, 1g (Powdered Saffron), 5g, 25g, 50g pack.

1 gram of Baby brand saffron is available on for a price of Rs.255.

Shalimar Brand Saffron

Shalimar saffron is the organic Grade 1 saffron from Pampore, Jammu and Kashmir. This brand offers lab tested saffron in an airtight container which gives long shelf life for the product. This potent Kashmir saffron can be used by pregnant ladies and can also be used directly to food.

1 gram of Shalimar brand saffron is priced at Rs.479 on

The Gathering Spanish Saffron

The gathering of saffron is one of the finest and most popular brands of saffron in India. It is imported from Spain and has lowest moisture and highest aroma. It is of high quality and offers high medicinal value for pregnant women and infants. It can also be used as a beauty enhancer for skin.  The other sizes available are 2 grams, 3 grams, 4 grams, 5 grams, 6 grams, 10 grams and 60 grams.

The gathering of saffron brand is available to purchase from and 1 gram is priced at Rs.510.

Taj Mahal Saffron

The Taj Mahal is a genuine Spanish saffron in filaments. Being a Spanish saffron, it has its own strong color and flavor. Add a pinch of Taj Mahal saffron to your food to make them taste and smell rich. Taj Mahal brand saffron is neatly packed and its presentation has been copied by different international markets. Make your cuisine special by adding this high-quality saffron. To get the most out of this saffron, soak the saffron threads for at least 30 minutes.

This brand saffron is available online on in a 1 gram sealed pack which costs Rs.597.

Noor Brand Saffron

Noor brand is located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir and hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying superior grade saffron. They offer genuine quality Grade 1 Kashmiri saffron to their customers situated all round the nation. Noor brand saffron is also available in 2 grams and 5 grams packages in

1 gram of Noor brand saffron is priced at Rs.350 on

Lion Brand Saffron

The Lion brand offers 100% pure monogram organic saffron. The company is situated in Maharashtra, which is FSSAI certified and offers Grade A saffron to its customers. This brand saffron is neatly packed in an airtight container and its shelf life is 12 months. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can use this brand of saffron Lion brand saffron.

This is available for purchase at, where 1 gram is priced at Rs.295.

Satvikk Pure Saffron

Satvikk brand saffron is produced by Satvikk Speciality Foods. They select the best batches of the saffron crop to make their saffron brand best and exclusive. Their quality is recognized worldwide. It is 100% pure and is available in required packaging.

Satvikk brand saffron is available on and 1 gram of Satvikk brand saffron costs Rs.296.